A progressive, inclusive, Presbyterian congregation bringing God's good news to students and community in Urbana-Champaign

Our Staff

Rev. Heidi Weatherford

Pastor; Head of Staff


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Rev. Heidi Weatherford
Pastor Heidi joined us in 2002, and in 2013 we celebrated her 20 years of ordination as a minister. Heidi enjoys exploring how the ancient scriptures of Christianity and Judaism intersect with 21st-century realities that shape our faith. She often weaves music, art, poetry, current events, and activity into our worship. Her theology, a blend of old-fashioned Presbyterian and current progressive thought, means she is passionate that God’s people know they are cherished by God, who loves them as they are—no exceptions.

As pastor/moderator Heidi guides the church’s volunteer leadership board in its decision-making role. Presbyterians believe that all people, not only the pastors, share in the leadership of a congregation.  The board, known as the Session, runs the ship that is church life, with Pastors Heidi and Keith acting as the rudder.

Heidi began her career as a music educator, choral director, and performer and continues to enjoy those activities in the community. She also enjoys traveling, theater, movies, reading, and attending sports events and concerts.

Rev. Keith Harris

Associate Pastor; Executive Director of the McKinley Foundation


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Rev. Keith Harris
Pastor Keith is a clinical psychologist as well as an ordained pastor. His infectious humor, his compassionate insights into the human condition, and his spiritual depth make him someone you want to know.

His passion for working with youth and young adults brought Keith to McKinley in 2007 to lead our outreach to University of Illinois students and the residents of Presby Hall, our student dorm. He also serves the congregation in numerous ways, including regular preaching, congregational care, and teaching.

Keith shares his love of sports, both as spectator and coach, with his three sons and daughter. He also enjoys music, movies, and manning a barbecue grill.

Julia Abel

Julia Abel

Director of Christian Education


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Yohei Endo

Yohei Endo

Director of Music


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