A progressive, inclusive, Presbyterian congregation bringing God's good news to students and community in Urbana-Champaign

Church Life

McKinley strives to be a community of welcome, reconciliation, and hope. We value your questions about faith as much as answers.

Rev. Heidi Weatherford

What we believe

McKinley Church welcomes people who may have doubted the existence of a fully welcoming church; people looking for meaning and purpose but who always thought church was not for them; people from a wide range of faith backgrounds; and people who may have been disillusioned or hurt by churches in the past.

We draw strength from our balance of diversity and common ground. If you ask regulars at McKinley Church why they come, you’ll hear a variety of answers:

  • It’s a safe, nonjudgmental place to grow spiritually.
  • Worship is creative within a traditional framework.
  • All kinds of families are welcomed — really.
  • Scripture is explored beyond face value.
  • Faith and reason alike are valued.
  • Gay and lesbian people participate fully in church life and leadership alongside straight allies.
  • Children and youth experience open-minded education, fellowship, and community.
  • We’re committed to social action on multiple levels.

Certainly much more can be said about what Presbyterians believe, and about the particular ways that McKinley lives out Presbyterian theology, but this offers you a flavor. If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact one of our pastors. Otherwise, we welcome you to come be with us to learn more!

Contemplative parishioner at McKinley worship