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Gift card fundraiser: Shop with Scrip

Categories: Church

McKinley is having a fundraiser again this year with “Shop With Scrip.” Scrip is an online retailer of gift cards, and we get a percentage of the value on every gift card that is purchased. (The percentage varies depending on the business selected). Last year the church raised $450 with this program! There are two ways to order and one way to pay.

For the most gift card options, order online:
  1. Get online and go to https://shop.shopwithscrip.com/GetStarted
  2. Scroll down the new page until you see “Join a Scrip Program” at the center, and click on it.
  3. Enter the McKinley enrollment code. [Note: We are not allowed to publish the number online; please email Jeanette Weider to request it, or see the Nov. 10 issue of the e-newsletter.]
  4. Enter all of the requested registration information to create an account.
  5. Shop for your gift cards and submit your order.
  6. Write a check to McKinley Presbyterian Church for your total purchase.
To order using the paper order form:
  1. Complete a paper order form available in the sanctuary.  
  2. Write a check to McKinley Presbyterian Church for your total purchase.
  3. Turn both your form and your check in to Jeanette Weider on Sunday morning or to Jennifer Wetzel in the church office during the week, or place them in the offering plate.
     All orders must be paid by Sunday, December 11. Write your check to McKinley Presbyterian Church with “Scrip” on the memo line. Sorry, credit cards are not accepted.
Orders submitted electronically or on paper by Sunday, December 11, will be delivered on December 17. Questions? Please contact Jeanette Weider (217-356-4686).