A progressive, inclusive, Presbyterian congregation bringing God's good news to students and community in Urbana-Champaign
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God’s Radical Welcome

LGBTQ folks are woven into the fabric of McKinley. Since the 1970s we’ve included them fully in the life and leadership of our community.

Infants to elders

Many families of all ages embrace McKinley’s progressive theology, vibrant worship, and active programs for children and youth.

Tradition + innovation

Our unique stained-glass windows reflect vital themes in McKinley’s century-old story.

10:30 on Sundays

Pour yourself a cup of fair-trade coffee and give us a try.

Newcomer Information

Exterior of McKinley Church from Fifth Street.At McKinley we know faith to be a matter of mind as well as one of heart. We take the Bible seriously, though not always literally. And we believe that God’s radical love embraces all, whatever their gender, ethnicity, or sexual identity.

We strive, though imperfectly, to be a place of welcome, reconciliation, and hope. If you seek an open community of faith to nurture your spirit, why not see if McKinley is a good match for you?


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